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Descents on the river Esera. A refreshing activity.+ info
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Canyoning in the Valley of Benasque


We submit the first comprehensive canyon guide of the Valley of Benasque. Fully updated, it provides detailed information, crags and pictures of every single descent that there is in the valley until now.

This guide is the result of a comprehensive project carried out by Iván Rodríguez-Torices, the Tryton Guide. Different actions have been taken, such as the compilation of detailed information about every canyon or the restoration and marking of some access paths.

Satisfied clients

“It’s been awesome, I’m speechless. The Guide’s treatment has been incredibly good”
“We did the canyon with Iván, we want to thank him for how he really looked after the boys. We really enjoyed ourselves”
“It’s been a wonderful experience. Truly fulfilling”
“Very good treatment, and the guide was also very patient with us. A good guy and very professional”