Hygienic – sanitary protocol to avoid contagion by COVID-19 (download PDF)


Due to the crisis caused by the high degree of contagion of the COVID – 19 virus and the collapse produced in our health system, TRYTON GUÍAS PIRINEO S.L. implements the following SANITARY HYGIENIC PROTOCOL, to avoid contagion by COVID – 19 during the course of its activities.

This protocol has been created based on the guidelines and recommendations established by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Institute for Tourist Quality in Spain (ICTE) and the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), complying with the legal requirements established by the Government.


  • The client declares that in the last 14 days he has not had symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (fever, cough, headache, sore throat, muscle pain …) or has been in contact with any person with symptoms. In case of presenting any of the symptoms, you will not be able to carry out the activity.
  • If it’s possible, hiring will be made telematically. In case of having to go through our office, the client must comply the HYGIENIC-SANITARY PROTOCOL of our facilities, following all the indications.


  • To do any activity, the client must carry as PPE to avoid contagion the following hygienic – sanitary material:
    • 2 face masks.
    • 1 small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.
  • The personal equipment of each client will only be handled by himself, without sharing it with anyone. Similarly, food, drink, sun cream, etc …
  • The personal technical equipment of each client (delivered by the guide at the beginning of the activity), will be handled exclusively by the client to whom it is delivered.
  • When you have to use collective technical material (ropes, carabiners …) or fixed installations (cables, steps, railings …), you will do it with gloves avoiding touching your face, and later you will wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.


  • At the meeting point with the guide, the client will maintain the interpersonal security distance (2m.) with the guide and with the rest of the group members (if they do not belong to the same natural group).
  • The guide will carry out a review of the clients (taking a temperature and observing possible symptoms), to confirm that none have any symptoms compatible with the COVID – 19. If any client presents any symptoms, they will not be able to carry out the activity.
  • The client will carry out the transport to the starting point of the activity in his private vehicle. If you do not have a vehicle, you will do so in the guide’s car, using the mask and respecting current regulations.


  • During the development of the activity, the client must follow all the indications of the guide regarding the preventive measures to avoid contagion by COVID – 19.
  • The client must have the face mask at hand at all times to be able to use it when necessary.
  • Clients will take the individual technical material that the guide gives them one by one in turn. For this, they will put on the face mask and after picking it up, they will wash their hands.
  • The client will equip himself, following the instructions of the guide. If you need help, only the guide can help you, using both the face mask and washing your hands afterwards.
  • The client will maintain the interpersonal safety distance (2 m. minimum) with the guide and the rest of the group components throughout the activity. If you cannot keep this distance (for security reasons, due to terrain characteristics …), you will put on the face mask.
  • The client will wash and disinfect their hands frequently during the activity, whenever possible.
  • The client will avoid conversations while on the move.
  • If you have to sneeze or cough, you will do so by covering yourself with a tissue or the inside of your elbow (never with your hands).
  • The client will avoid touching his face with his hands.
  • The client will avoid touching with the mouth any element of the equipment (ropes, carabiners …).
  • During the activity, no food, drink or sun cream will be shared. Neither cutlery, plates, glasses or bottles.


  • Each client will return to the guide the personal technical equipmenty (delivered by the company), one by one in turn, without touching the equipment of the rest of the group’s components. To do this, he will put on the face mask and deposit the equipment in the place indicated by the guide. Then he will wash his hands.
  • During the briefing and farewell, the interpersonal safety distance (2 m.) will be maintained.


If the activity is canceled, before starting it, because the client presents symptoms compatible with COVID-19, the company will return the full amount of the activity to the client.

Protocolo higiénico – sanitario para evitar contagio por COVID-19 (descarga PDF)